Vice Town

Pinching my nipples through my shirt Whispering in my ear "Who's a good little slut?" Grabbing me by the throat Pinning me down "Who's in charge?" Putting me on a leash Telling me what to do "That's a good girl" Forcing your cock down my throat Holding my hair in bunches "Open wide" Moaning as… Continue reading Vice Town


Denial is not just a river in Egypt

It's my first time at his house, it's always been in a hotel room before and I feel like he has more power over me he can do whatever he wants to me. I hope he does. I take all my clothes off and sit on his sofa in my underwear. I can feel… Continue reading Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Bratty Kitten’s Kink Rule Book

A girl's gotta have rules... Baby girl must only cum when Daddy says so Daddy's little girl always will say "thank you Daddy" when Daddy lets her cum Baby Girl will always do what Daddy says as long as it is in respect of the rules in the below outlay In exception of this she… Continue reading Bratty Kitten’s Kink Rule Book